Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thanks IRS (really!)

Since Jordan was 'self-employed' for much of last year, I had checked into the rules for taxes and even called the IRS to see if we needed to pay 'estimated taxes' (where you pay in advance since you don't have taxes being taken out of your paycheck). They told me that for our specific circumstance we wouldn't need to pay, but when I went to file our taxes, it still showed we had a penalty of about $120 - I figured, lame, but probably nothing we could do. 

But, we just got a letter in the mail ( I panicked when I first saw it, just sure I'd messed up and we were getting audited again...) saying they'd refunded the penalty and today we got a check in the mail for the whole amount. Hooray! Who would have ever thought the IRS could be so nice?