Monday, June 29, 2009

Blog Changes

Hello my blogging friends,
Here's some good and bad news on some blog changes for me.

A little bad news --
Since I mostly just like to write about my sweet little kiddos, and I'm not sure (but am often told) that it is a possible danger to put their pictures and stories out there for the world... I decided it's time to make this a private blog. So, you'll have to sign in w/ your gmail account to read posts here on my blog -- I know that's a pain -- I hope I don't lose you for it! :)

And now some great news--
With the programming genius of my husband, any of you who use feed readers like googlereader will still be able to get feeds from my blog, even when it goes private -- hooray! :)

If you'd like to keep on reading about our little family's day-to-day happinesses, please let me know and send me your email to set it up. (You can leave a comment here, or email me at

And if you do use a feed reader and want to get my posts through it, please tell me and I will send you a link that will let you do that. It will be a unique link just for you that you can enter as a new subscription in place of on whatever feed reader you use. (Way to go Jordan for figuring this out!)

So, in a few days when you go to my blog (via, you'll see something like this -->

If you've forgotten to send me your email but still want to keep up with all of our fun, you'll still be able to w/ that comment box over on the left, or if you're already all set up, you can just click on the text in the middle which will take you to my blog. Over on the right will just be a list of recent posts.

So there it is. I hope you'll all keep reading even with the change -- it's so fun to share all of our happy days with you here!