Friday, June 12, 2009

What we've been up to

Jordan to San Francisco for a day-- to the google developers conference to help out w/ an Animoto booth (he left early that morning and was back around midnight that night!) And, he got a pretty cool phone just for attending.

Fathers and sons campout -- Jordan and Landon had a fun time playing by the fire, sleeping in a tent, and playing w/ flashlights while Mommy and Ellie had some fun girl time at home.

Jordan to New York and the rest of us to Logan -- Jordan spent a week out in New York and had fun getting to see everybody at Animoto again and spend some time working together in person w/ the other guys. April was a HUGE help to me all week in playing with and taking care of Landon and Ellie.

A new dryer! Our dryer has been clinking and squeeking and creaking like crazy since we moved in (really, really crazy sounds!) and almost always had to be run twice to dry a load. Then, it started to catch our clothes and so the laundry would come out w/ burn marks and/or holes... so we finally found a good craigslist deal and got a new dryer!
(Unfortunately, today I pulled out the clothes to find big blue spots all over everything and a completely blue dryer drum from a crayon that had gotten run with the load...)

Working in the yard -- having fun this year getting to do a little more fine tuning type of work now that lots of the overgrowth is taken out and we've planted the trees we want and such. (Jordan did get to take down an aspen though -- he's joked about wanting to plant a new tree each year just because it's so fun to get to pull them down...) Our garden is starting to grow too which is so fun to see. (Tomatoes, carrots, squash & zucchini, chard, potatoes, and lettuce) And, our peach tree has LOTS of peaches on it too. :)

Sleep -- Jordan took Ellie for a night and part of another this week to let me sleep and it made such a huge, huge difference. I had so much more patience and fun even and felt like I could tackle all of those projects that have been waiting for just a little more energy!

Tumbling class - We put Landon in a 'Tumbling Tots' class hoping it'd be a good way to give him some direction for all of his energy. He has fun running and jumping and climbing and diving, but it's a bit of a work out for me to try and keep him w/ the rest of the class (5 sweet little girls!)