Thursday, June 25, 2009

Playing around w/ Omnigraffle

Last time we went to the library, we got a game from the PERC center that had you match states w/ pictures and such. Since my geography skills are terrible (In a conversation w/ Jordan recently, he thought I was joking when I asked about Australia 'And where is that in relation to us?') I decided to work on learning where all the states are while I played with Landon. For some extra help, I even found a fun game here too. :) And now I know where they all are! In just the last couple of days I've heard things in conversations or in the news or on the radio about where things are happening, and I've actually been able to picture where they are talking about --feels pretty cool!

(This pic. is my new desktop background that I made for the next little while so I don't forget all I learned. :)