Sunday, June 14, 2009

Logan Fun

Logan is one of my very favorite places. A few visits with my roommates to their grandparents home there when I was in college endeared me to the town. Knowing my love for it, Jordan took me on a day trip adventure there once when we were dating (complete w/ a soaking wet canoe ride...) And now I have even more fun memories of visiting there w/ April. Here's a couple of pics from our fun stay last week.

April made us feel right at home and had everything set up to greet us w/ such a friendly welcome. (She even had a great basketful of toys and books for Landon to play w/ in his room and lots of stuffed animals propped up on his bed -- and a sweet bright little yellow bed set up just for Ellie too :)

Watching the ducks at the Willow Park Zoo -- not the best picture, but it was a really fun little zoo. They had lots of birds -- ducks, pelicans, parrots, a peacock (In Landon's words "There was a turkey with lots and lots of feathers!!), an owl and eagle. etc. and some turtles, deer, a snake, some monkeys, and a bobcat. The one memorable thing for Landon though was the mosquito that I brushed away from him when we were looking at the bobcat. April got quite a workout lifting Landon up to the top of the fence at each spot to see the animals inside. :)

I got to take Landon up to see and walk around the Logan temple. He especially liked the fountains...

A visit to Logan doesn't feel complete without a trip to my favorite restaurant, the Bluebird.

Since I didn't have work around the house and such that needed to be done, I got to relax and read during Landon and Ellie's nap time! I hadn't read this in a few years since it first came out, so I was happy to read it again. (And, it was so fun to read that I'm reading it again now w/ Jordan! :)