Thursday, December 31, 2009

California Christmas

We had a wonderful time out in California for Christmas and the following week. Jordan took the time off from work AND from technology-use -- no work, no ipod, no computer! So, we just had a super time playing with our family, enjoying the warm California days, spending time with Kathie and Winslow, and celebrating the Holidays.

Christmas morning
Landon trying to hold all of his new cars, trains and trucks at once -- Landon sitting with all of his gifts -- Ellie happily munching on her banana puffs -- Christmas morning :) -- (below) Skyping with Drew, Nathan, and April as we attempted to all unwrap gifts together.

The Nativity
The angel Ellie bringing good tidings of great joy, and Landon the wise man bearing gifts. This is the first time I've acted out the Nativity since I was really young - pretty sweet with Landon and Ellie.

Oakland Temple

Kathie and Winslow watched the kids so that Jordan and I could attend the temple -- really wonderful to go together. Then, they all met us afterwards for some yummy treats and to look at the lights and walk through the visitor's center. I remembered visiting the Oakland temple years ago with a friend in high school, and felt so different this time - so complete to be their with my whole little family.

A stop at the McDonalds play place on the way home made the night complete for Landon and Ellie. :)

Daddy Time
Jordan made great use of his time off, happily filling it up with kid playtime! (Playing legos -- racecars -- wrestling/Ellie protecting -- reading)

The best climbing tree around
Landon loves this! "Did you know I could do this?" or "One little Landon swinging in a tree..."

Outside Fun!
We were so happy to take advantage of the warm weather and get some nice outside time in with walks, a few bikerides, a trip to the park, a backyard picnic, playing ball in the court, running, digging in the dirt...

Just more fun
Landon and Ellie on the handmade sit and spin -- so fun for these guys! -- Landon playing blocks with Grandpa -- sidewalk chalking in December :) -- one day spent looking at houses in nearby Brentwood

Landon baking cookies with Grandpa (with Mater's help) -- Grammi and the kids on Sunday morning w/ their new Christmas sunday attire -- me with my new clothes from Kathie and from Jordan after a fun shopping trip -- Our family w/ Eric Nyholm and kids (one of Jordan's good growing up friends)

New Years Eve
Playing with the noisemakers with Landon- We also played fruit basket which he has been asking to play ever since :), sweet little Ellie, Jordan with his 7-layer dip work of art -- Fun New Years snacks.

Such a sweet happy time to be together with our family. Playing, making plans for the future, enjoying our kids and each other and Grammi and Grandpa -- such happy days!!