Friday, December 11, 2009

Diaper solution on the way...

So often, Landon surprises me with how much he is thinking.

Last night we went and got a flat tire replaced. On the way home, Landon got really upset when he found that we were never going to see our old tire again?!?!? I tried to explain that we didn't need it anymore by giving him the example of Ellie's diapers with something like this "When I change Ellie's diaper, do I save her old one for later? Nope! And that doesn't mean she never gets to have diapers again, because she has new diapers -- and now we have a new tire so we don't need to keep the old, dirty broken one..." Probably a strange example, but it calmed him down and we talked about other things till we got just about home when Landon said,

"I have a great idea!"
What's your great idea?
" I think when we change Ellie's diaper, maybe sometimes we can clean it with wipes! And then we can keep them and save them and not have new diapers!"
I must have discouraged him with my reply (that new diaper strategy didn't sound like such a great idea for the diaper-changer), because he answered
"Oh, sorry -- I'll keep thinking about what we can do for the diapers..."

So, now Jordan has a new recruit in his quest for a better solution to diapers! :)