Thursday, December 17, 2009

In my purse today

I cleaned out my purse today and was amazed at how much stuff fit in there (my bag's not that big!) So here's the list...

6 kids socks (the reason for Landon's mismatched socks lately...)
1 Landon glove, 1 of my gloves
a spare diaper
2 clementines
bag full of pretzels and graham crackers
5 crayons from various restaurants
lots and lots of maceys receipts, lists and notes, wrappers, fast-food napkins, etc.
stretchy yellow spider
package of smarties
AA battery
bottle of tylenol
jar of babyfood
plastic foam number 4
grover finger puppet
1/2 bag of craisins
plastic rock
gift cards/coupons for Bath and Body works, Michaels, Walmart, Maurices, Penny's, and Costco
3 pencils
biking pant leg strap thing
vaseline lip gloss
toy frog
Boston duck tours booklet
Ellie's 11 month weight/height charts
mini flashlight
a werthers candy
$1.25 in quarters
ear warmer headband
pink baby spoon
cell phone
wallet with library card, amex, chase card, debit card, temple recommend, drivers license
See's chocolate coin

I feel like a true mom with a bag like this :)