Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy December Days

We had such a wonderful month full of holiday events and fun family time. Here are some of the pre-Christmas happenings of the month -->

Christmas handbell ringer concerts at the Provo and Orem libraries

First Presidency Christmas Devotional

Jordan's week in New York and my happy (and cold!) week with the kids

I had been quite anxious about being on my own with the kids for the week, but it turned out to be just a sweet and precious time for me to really focus on playing with and enjoying my children and the joyful holiday season. And although I was really missing Jordan, with the busy days along with Skype and ichat, our cell phones and emails, and even an inflight video conference with Jordan... It was hard to feel lonely too much! :)

Ward Christmas party

Jordan and Landon sledding a few times on their new 'zipfy' sleds
Wreath making get-together with my mom, Laura and Marilyn

Dinner with Marilyn and Josh when Jordan was gone (thank you Marilyn!)

Running at the track

BYU Basketball game
(we couldn't have told you the score or even remember who played, but Landon sure liked climbing on those chairs, and Ellie has been happily clapping her hands since :)

Thursday kid days -
Landon to Pirate Island with Jordan, and to play with the trains at Toys R Us with Debbie
Ellie to the fabric store with Debbie for stocking fabric, and to Barnes and Noble with Jordan for standing and walking practice

Primary sharing times

Ellie walking practice (she took her first steps on her own this month and is having fun practicing walking all on her own!)

Jenny in town
She came in the day before we left so we did get to spend one day together! :)

Brazilian Dinner with Mom, Jen, Dan and Kel
Jordan cooked some delicious Brazilian specialties for us before we left for California.

Christmas gift crafting
We tried making most of our Christmas gifts this year so I had a super fun month of crafting and creating. (Here's a couple)

(Christmas ornaments in the making for all of the primary kids - from the Primary Presidency)
(satin flower clips/pins for our sisters and moms)

Play group, Orem library storytime, Yoga - the routine things these days.

Christmas treat making -- pizzelles for neighbor friends, and lots of other treats just for fun. (Almond/raspberry rice, thumbprint cookies, brownies, hot chocolate w/ ice cream and whip cream, and molasses cookies twice. :)

Playing at Arctic Circle with the Killians
Always fun to see Brianna, and Landon and Jackson just love playing together