Monday, January 25, 2010

A boy full of great ideas

A typical moment from a conversation tonight --
(This week Landon and I are switching beds -- he's sleeping in our room while I sleep in his bed so that we can leave Ellie to cry-it-out more without Landon waking up...)

Can I sleep in your bed right now?
'You need to go to sleep in your own bed, But when you're all the way asleep, Daddy will come and get you so quietly and bring you to our bed to sleep the whole night!'
I have an idea!
Maybe I can go to sleep in your bed for a little bit, and then I can sleep in my own bed...

Or, from this afternoon

Mommy will you play with me?
'I need to do my work right now, but you can help me if you want.'
I have an idea!
Maybe you can play with me for a little bit, and then you can do your work...


I'm so happy for these days when Landon's biggest hopes are usually for me or Jordan to play with him. We have a little FHE game I made where we would say ways to show love to each person in the family - Landon's turns go like this --

Daddy, hmm... I can show love to Daddy when I play with him.
Mommy... I can play with Mommy to help her be happy.
Ellie... I can show love when I play with her!
Landon... To make me happy, I can play with myself!