Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drawing pictures

Ever since I tried to draw a dog for Landon, and he wasn't able to recognize it, I've been trying to improve my drawing skills. I've always thought that I was kind of artistic, except for the fact that 'I can't draw at all'. Well, now I'm learning! I was coloring for Landon yesterday and he was thrilled to know that these pictures were all for him.

"Look at how beautiful they are!"

(Landon's been loving beautiful things lately -- walking around upstairs in Nordstroms "I want to stay up here -- it's so beautiful!" or eyeing Ellie's cupcakes "How beautiful those are!" But, yesterday he was in a grumpy mood. Trying to get his mind on other things, I started telling him about the beautiful, clean, blue-sky sunshiny day... so he said "I want a yucky day -- and what else did you say? (beautiful, clean, sunshiny...) I want a yucky and dirty day! I'm happy he really wants the beautiful things so much more often! :)