Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Happy Tuesday

After a week or so of yucky and grey days, we had a beautiful sun-shiny day yesterday and it felt so nice to have sunshine in our house, to breath fresh air and go adventuring and to just enjoy the lovely day and its happy moments!

Storytime at Orem library with Landon and Ellie (and amazingly avoiding a very near accident on the way)

A bikeride to the flower store on Jordan's lunchbreak ("Tuesday's are for flowers, don't you know?")

A rollerblading/running adventure after work along the river trail -- Landon even ran along with us for about half of the time

Ellie so excited to be practicing her walking (And Landon excited to go walking 'in Ellie's line' back and forth from me to Jordan with applause for him equal to Ellie's)

Making Chicken and Dumplings for dinner with Landon's help and Ellie (amazing!) playing happily on her own for a bit

Going to book group and listening to stories from the sweet ladies in my ward