Sunday, November 7, 2010


Jordan and I just celebrated our 6 year anniversary! We spread out the celebrations over a few different occasions. First, we took advantage of a beautiful Autumn day and had an afternoon campout day with the kids. We drove to one of the nearby campgrounds up Logan Canyon, set up camp - and then spent the afternoon and evening doing all the fun things campers do -- hiking, exploring, river rock throwing, log climbing,
building a campfire, running, jumping and diving through the tent,
(This pic is actually from another day when we had a backyard campout day :)

cooking and eating tin foil dinners and yummy campfire biscuits,
(Jordan's great mid-river dinner spot for the boys)

playing UNO by flashlight, and roasting marshmallows for yummy smores. And then, delightfully, we just packed everything up, drove 10 minutes home and all went to sleep in our soft warm beds. Such a wonderful campout day!