Thursday, November 18, 2010


Things have been happily busy lately. Some things we've been up to this past month or so -->

An anniversary trip to Salt Lake while April stayed with the kids. Some fun pre-holiday shopping, yum dinner (accidentally at the same spot and in the same seats where we had our wedding luncheon!), and just a lovely time. And, very happy children with so much Aunt April playtime too!

A trip to the Emergency Room -- our little Hawaiian princess Ellie dislocated her elbow on Halloween evening. After about an hour of an inconsolable Ellie with the doctor trying to get her arm in back in place/waiting to see how it was and checking x-rays, another doctor came in and moved her arm around a bit -- 5 minutes later Ellie was a perfectly happy little girl again. Phewph!! After that we had a calm evening of sitting on the front porch with cowboy Landon passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters with a "Howdy, howdy, howdy!" for each group. (Landon also brought some Halloween candy to the hospital for the doctors to tell them thank you for helping his sister to get better. Such a good heart!)

A new calling as the Relief Society activities leader (the Party Planner as April said :) - I'm excited to have a calling and get to know more people better that way. Jordan is the Elders Quorum Secretary (apparently Jordan is excellent secretary material -- he was the Elders Quorum Secretary for about 4 years in our Provo ward, then an assistant ward clerk for the past 2 years till we moved, now the secretary again!)

A new van! We've been saving up and watching and searching for the past year or so and found a great van for our family last week. (We knew that we'd have a pretty hard time squishing three car seats side by side in the back of our Corolla!) It's not new, but just being new to us and in such great condition, we feel like we're driving in luxury these days.

Prepping for company. Starting tomorrow we'll have visitors close by through the first week or two of December or so. Hooray! We're so excited to get to spend some great time with our families.