Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From my desktop

Just cleaning off my desktop... here are some fun photos. :)

Jordan and Ellie coming in after a lunch break sledding trip at the park across the street. We got maybe close to an inch of snow the week before Halloween and Landon was super excited to take advantage of our parks great little sledding hill.
A spent a few days in super-crafting mode and made over 60 of these clippies and similar others to donate to the Festival of Trees for their gift shop (all of the money made there is donated to Primary Children's Hospital, and it is just one of my favorite Christmas activities)
The view out our frontroom window after our first snowy day.

I almost threw this pot away when we moved in and I found it in the shed. April said she thought it was something that would grow so we set it outside and let it get some rain and sunshine -- then one day we had this beautiful surprise!!

This is the new scene of what 'coming home' looks like for us.
(Greeting us as we drive into Logan)