Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kelly and Josh Kimball!

We had such a happy time at Kelly and Josh's wedding. Such a happy sweet pair. A beautiful wedding. Fun festivities and a lovely reception. So fun to remember what it was like to be just-married not so long ago! And wonderful to see all of the aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas and friends there to celebrate and share their love. Congrats Kelly and Josh!

Me and my sisters :)
Josh is the youngest of 14 (!) children and has 10 sisters -- I met several of them at Kel's shower and they seem like the sweetest group of women you could find. (And, super talented too from all of the great gifts they made for Kel!)

Beautiful Bride!

Beautiful Ellie Anne!

And a funny story --
Our car was having trouble just before Kel's shower, so I left Jordan and the kids at the hotel and drove hurriedly there, sad to be running a bit late. When our GPS couldn't find the address, I thought I'd be fine to find it on my own. After wandering quite a while, I called Jenny and got directions. Then called for more directions. Finally, I thought I'd found it. I parked the car, unloaded my gifts and etc. and went to the door -- only to be greeted by a late 20's guy with a confused look and a "uh..no party here..." Sadly, when I went to leave, our car wouldn't start. So, I was on my own on a cold cold night -- lost -- and with a broken down car. I called Jordan in tears and called Jenny at the shower. She sent my uncles for me who came to my rescue. They came and found me with my mixed up directions, took me to Kelly's shower, then spent their evening checking out our car, buying a new part and repairing our car and bringing it back for me so I could get back to my family that night. Such sweet kindness. I'm still so grateful!!