Friday, August 26, 2011

And he's five!

At five years old, Landon loves to...

  • play - with mom and dad, with Ellie, with friends (!), with Owen
    showing off his San Diego Zoo
  • take care of Owen - talk to him, read to him, draw pictures for him, be silly for him

  • be amazing - Landon loves to impress, and to know we or others are proud of him (during kindergarten testing on Monday, his teacher said "you're blowing my socks off!" and he's been remembering that all week :)
  • read - this morning Landon woke me up with a stack of books that he read to me!
  • help - especially when he can tell his help is really needed and he can be 'Landon to the rescue'
  • dance, do tricks

  • color
  • have special grown up friends. Like our wonderful neighbor Sister Huppie, the 'treat man' at Lee's (grocery store)...
  • pretend - although I know this is fading. I will miss our morning wake-up pretending time routine.
  • ride his bike - Landon is my exercise buddy. Every morning he rides his bike along with me while I push Ellie and Owen in the stroller and go for a little run.
  • question, wonder, imagine, "what if...?"
  • play 20 guesses and I spy
  • be silly
  • dancing on the picnic table at Aspen Grove
  • have all of his bed games - Jordan inherited this job and loves it. After the usual jammies, potty, brush teeth, scriptures, water, etc. then come his bed games with Jordan - a drink of warm milk, 'read me a story', 'sleep with me for one minute' and 'tell me a story of when you were little', 'sing me all my songs' and 'give me a hug and kiss when I'm asleep?' (am I forgetting something in there?)
  • take pictures, make movies, look at pictures from when he and Ellie were younger

  • know the rules and follow them. (also know the consequences and weigh them...) Rules have always been important to Landon - even at one, I remember him asking for the gate to be put back on his bedroom doorway at bedtime "stuck? stuck?"
  • Do the things the way they have always been done. Have routines, schedules, lists. (Like me! Is this inherited or learned?)
  • sing
  • listen to his favorite songs, especially in the car- these days 'You've got a friend in me' (toy story), 'Where I come from' ( Alan Jackson), 'Hakuna Matata' (Disney CD from the library) "Let's go driving in an automobile' (sesame street)
  • Listen to stories or books, also w/ Grammi and Grandpa via skype.
  • do preschool time
  • teach and help Ellie
  • Be sweet and show love. Smile. See our smiling faces. "I just love your smiling face!" "I just love to hear your laugh!!"
Oh how I love my son Landon!!

silly picture w/ mom on the 4th of July