Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank you Sid the Science Kid -- The First Day of School!

Landon Brough -- First day of Kindergarten!

I've been kind of a wreck about Landon starting school.

All of the worries -
will he be safe?
will the other kids be nice to him?
will he be nice to the other kids?
will his teacher love him and be so good to him? he will adore her -- will she adore him?
will he be strong and brave and true? in a kindergarten way?
will he remember to be good and make good choices?
will he still be excited about mom time, even with all the excitement that school brings?

But most of all
I will miss my little boy. I will miss being a part of this new part of his life.

Last night, about an hour after he went to bed Landon got up and came out to me in the living room. "I just thought of the perfect song for tomorrow and I HAVE to tell you or else I will forget it! Write it down... and put little notes on it so we will remember it is music."

I love my mom!
My mom is cool!
And now it's time -
to have some fun at school!

(I thought he had made this up as he was going to sleep, but he let me know he had learned it from Sid the science kid :)

He sang this all morning today, getting ready for his first day of school. He sang it on the way to school, holding my hand. (thank you for holding my hand Landon!) I sang it in my head on my way home after dropping him off.

Now it's time. My little boy loves me, and now it's time for him to have some fun at school.

Thank you Sid the Science kid for the sweet reassurance.

Landon had a great day. He is thrilled to be in Kindergarten!