Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Provo trip

Jordan had a meeting with RELATE in Provo a few weeks ago, so we all went along and had a fun super-quick trip. While Jordan worked, I took the kids to some of my favorite spots.

- Went running at the BYU track (where Landon very nearly won in a race between us and we randomly ran into my sister- hooray for an unexpected minute to visit!)
- Visited the Bean Museum just in time for a live reptile show (where Landon got to tell about his favorite - the Gila monster, and Ellie was in a constant state of "Look at that!" and worked hard to 'be brave' enough to look at the giant bear)
- Read books in our favorite spot at the Orem library (and remembered happy story time days)
- Ate lunch and ice cream at the creamery (wow- things are changing at BYU -- the broadcast building and the new dorms going up are beautiful!)
- Bought mint brownies to take home and enjoy.

A happy quick trip to one of my favorite places!