Saturday, November 8, 2014


Today I'm thankful for my great little bike buddy Ellie and for our fun family bike rides. Yesterday we were biking downtown for a family 'date night' dinner out. Some time along the way I noticed Ellie and I were both humming out loud, our own little tunes - two happy girls :)

This afternoon we all ran our Saturday errands together by bike, and enjoyed maybe one of our last warm Fall days. (Though I feel like we've been saying that since mid October, so maybe there are still many more beautiful days to come!)

We're loving our perfect bike set up and have had such fun on our family adventures this summer and fall!

Also today, a little yard work, a Saturday morning sleep in/ made by Jordan special breakfast for the kids, backyard soccer, tidying up,  and playing with the Brough's at the park + a fun dinner out.