Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Owen's Reminders

Owen, our happiness maker
Today I love...
Owen's reminders for me to be the kind of Mom I want to be. More than I wish, I'll get upset and it will be only a moment before Owen repeats back to me my own instructions (completely gently, innocently and happily) "We need to use kind words. Even when you're upset it's important to talk kindly." And, oh I'm grateful for those sweet reminders!

Also, I'm thankful for the happy time I have with just the little boys after Ellie and Landon are off to school. Today, we played Alligator and Lion and Porter (the one and only roaring Alligator) and Owen (the Lion who patiently waited to scare me until the Alligator could find me too) followed me around the house, finding all of my hiding places with roars and a race to the next hiding spot.