Sunday, November 2, 2014

Brownies/Sharing the Gospel


A sweet older lady at church shared her testimony a few years ago, and I've remembered it so often since that I thought I'd finally write it down. Mid-testimony she stopped and said something like this,
"Now, since I have you all listening, I want to tell you all something. I have discovered a delicious brownie recipe! I've been wanting to share it with everyone I know because they are just the best I have ever had and so easy, and here it is -- it's the recipe on the back of the box of the Duncan Heines brownie mix! And I promise they are just the best brownies I've tasted and I'm so happy that now you know too! And you know, this is just how I feel about the gospel. I love the gospel and I just want to share it with everybody I love and really everybody I know so they can enjoy it just as much as me!"
Also, along the same idea -

A Normon's article about why we share the gospel

Elder Bednar's great Conference Talk (with his sons' funny story which has been told in our Sacrament meeting a few times already :)

Though I'm not the greatest example of sharing the gospel, I do love it and I'm grateful today for my testimony and the strength it gives to my life.