Wednesday, November 5, 2014


sleeping  Porter, 2 weeks old
When I was pregnant with Porter, I read a sweet blog with a phrase that jumped out and played on repeat through my  mind for months (though now amazingly I can't remember it exactly!) It was something like this though

"Babies are meant to rock our worlds for a little while."

And goodness, this little Porter rocked my world :)

I can't say for sure whether he was our worst sleeping baby yet (but if not, he certainly came in a close runner up to baby/toddler Landon), or if it was just 8 years without sleep that finally brought me to my breaking point...

But, oh! this year without sleep was sure hard on me.

And now that we're to a more livable routine (still up a few times most nights, but quickly calmed and back to sleep till at least 5:00 most mornings), I feel overwhelmingly grateful for the sustaining power of prayer through the hardest days. And when I wake up in the early morning every once in a while and realize I've slept all through the night, (like last night, woohoo!) I still want to celebrate every time!

Also, I'm grateful for such soft and warm pillows and blankets to return to after each Porter wake-up call. :)