Monday, January 26, 2015

Another January Plan

A favorite Porter spot, inside our kitchen cupboards
Besides our new January treat plan, we've been trying out a new menu planning system for January. I've tried or thought about trying lots of different menu planning-plans to try to help with the 5:00 what's for dinner problem, without much success. But so far I've really loved our new plan, so here it is:
We picked out 7 meals that we like to eat, and we assigned each one a day of the week. And that has been our menu plan for the month - easy peasy!  We realized that we pretty much eat the same things all the time any way, so why not make it official and make life easier for ourselves.

We haven't been super 100% strict about sticking to our plan (like car trouble on a Monday night = Chick-fil-a instead of beans and rice, or sometimes we're super rebellious and switch places with beans & rice and spaghetti...)  I think we're going to keep up our plan in February and maybe just swap out a couple of the meals, but so far this has been a great success!