Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ellie's Art Party

Playing 'go paint'

Doing special things for Ellie is so fun because anything with a plan is already special to little Ellie. I really loved making plans with her for her 'art party' and had fun coming up with games and activities.
Here's what we did:
art party fun: birthday cake, 'go paint', self portrait matching game, birthday cake art project

- The kids drew self-portraits and decorated their names (in cute printed frames -- I even spent time to learn how to change the color of the frames in photoshop so I could make these!)  and then we played a memory matching game with their pictures.
- We did a crayon/water color birthday cake art project
- Played 'go paint' (go fish with art picture cards that I made from a clipart set)
- Played a run around and find the color game
- Sang happy birthday and ate cake and ice cream
- Made crowns with all sorts of fun things - pom-poms, wash tape, star stickers, feathers, rainbow ric-rac, markers and crayons... 

It was a happy birthday party for Ellie!