Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Being a great Mom

(A leftover November 'thankful' post that I never posted)

Our favorite reading spot

A few weeks ago I was at Walmart with the kids (so obviously not feeling in 'great mom' mode), and I stopped to help an older woman find the orange juice she was looking for (same as me - 'lots of pulp' :). She looked up as we moved on and said sweetly "You are a great Mom!" All through the store as we finished our shopping, I heard that sweet phrase and it did wonders for helping me really be that great mom. And over the last few weeks I just keep remembering it and somehow it has helped me focus less on the times I mess up or the things I wish I was doing better and to focus more  on all those little things I do and who I am that really do make me a great mom. And how important to celebrate those things! So I'm thankful today and all these days since for  that sweet stranger's reminder.