Monday, January 26, 2015

Little boy!

Little boy Porter on Ellie's Birthday
All of a sudden my baby Porter has turned into a little boy. I'm not sure what happened but somehow just about a week ago, poof! he transformed into a definite little boy.  We've just switched to a 1-nap schedule too and with that change along with his sudden growing up, suddenly life just feels a little different.

Some super things:

-- I hadn't taken the time to anticipate this, but with the nap switch to the same time as the big kids' quiet time, suddenly I get to have my own quiet time. Such a fun surprise!

-- We've figured out a few things that Porter loves to do and it's opened up some great new possibilities for us. The best has been kitchen sink bath time. It is the magic solution I've been searching for to the 2:30 after school craziness. :)  Suddenly we've been able to not just survive homework/after school snack time, but even do some fun happy projects during that time too. Also, today he sat and played play dough (yay for another discovery!) while Ellie and Owen and I played a color mixing game she had created and then did a painting project for more color mixing fun.

-- This morning for the first time that I can remember, Porter slept until 6:20! Still a couple of wake-ups through the night, but that morning sleep was so, so super!

-- The past few nights, Porter has suddenly started to really love his night time prayers. I fold his little arms for him and say a prayer for him just before bed, and the last few nights as soon as I open my eyes, he has looked up to me with a "more??"

-- I sure love this little boy Porter, who is still my little baby too. :)