Thursday, April 14, 2016

girl time

At the end of Spring Break, Ellie and I had made plans for some girls time with a trip to Baby Animal days at the American West Heritage Center. We raced out the door to fit it in between General Conference sessions, while Jordan took the boys on a bike riding/conference listening adventure for the afternoon.

When we got to Baby Animal days, it was crazy busy and we quickly changed plans. Ellie voted for a trip to Macey's for a little treat and birthday shopping for Owen, so that's just what we did. Then while we listened to the afternoon session of Conference, we colored some Made By Joel coloring sheets (we love these!)  and then worked on making new clothes for one of Ellie's dolls. By the end of conference, we'd made leggings and a skirt, a new hair clippy and a necklace all for her little doll. 

A happy girls day afternoon!