Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Glasses, etc.

image here

A couple of weeks ago, Jordan was talking with Ellie about how our vision works and how the brain can automatically join the picture from our right eye with our left eye into one image, etc.  Landon got involved in the conversation and as they continued talking and experimenting, we learned that everything was fuzzy when Landon looked just with his right eye...

So we made an eye appointment and had some hard news. (I probably should have been worried when the eye doctor asked Landon 'Why are you here today?' and Landon answered, "Because I pretty much can't see anything with my right eye." I definitely thought, shouldn't I have known that before today?)

First, Landon definitely needs glasses (not so bad.) Second, he has likely needed glasses his entire life (not so good!). And last (the hard news), since his vision has been so poor in his right eye, but fine in his left,  basically his brain has developed ignoring  whatever it sees in his right eye. Which means at this point, even with a perfect prescription, he still can't see very well at all with that eye.

Doctors have previously thought that treatment for this issue could only be helpful up to age 8. (How did we not know Landon couldn't see well all these years?!)  Recently they've found that treatment can be effective with older children, though it's unlikely that he'll ever recover full vision in that eye, even with glasses.  :(

We're picking up his new glasses today, and there are other treatment options we'll start in a few weeks (Jordan's getting him excited about becoming pirate Landon with an eye patch over his good eye a few hours a day!) So we'll just do whatever we can and hope for the best, but oh man! I wish we'd discovered this sooner!