Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Train Bike Extreme

a fuzzy phone picture doesn't quite do this great train bike justice, but it's all I could find :)
Jordan has been thinking about getting a tandem bike, so he was excited to borrow one from our friends for a little bit to see what kind of configurations he could come up with. After some tweaking and experimenting, he came up with the perfect extreme train bike: the tandem bike with Landon, then Ellie on a tag-along, Owen on another tag-along, and Porter in the trailer caboose at the back!

Sadly, after a few rides over the week, they were riding downtown and the chain of the tandem bike slipped off. Then kept slipping and slipping if he ever tried to go into the lower gear (or is it higher gear? whichever one you would need to ride hard with a heavy load...) So they were all a stranded downtown without a way to transport all of the bikes home. Another Dad biker stopped by to help and rode them back to his house to try to see what they could do. The kids all had fun running around and playing hide and seek, but they had no luck with the bike. Finally Jordan rode to Al's and left it there and I picked up the whole crew. (And I think we're still waiting on a new part to come in to finish the repair job, sorry Rita for the slow fix!!)

I think Jordan's still excited about the possibility of pedaling the whole family on one bike though!