Friday, May 13, 2016

On his way!

Jordan has been traveling and traveling the last couple of weeks. He stayed in London to work for another week after the rest of us came back home. Then a quick stop in New York to meet up with a few friends. Then off to Toronto for another week at a conference he was presenting at. And now he's in the air on his way home - hooray! A few times over the last couple of days, I've said something to the kids like "I'm just talking to Dad" (on the phone) or "Do you want to say hi to Dad?" And they have jumped up with "Dad's home?!!!" They are all excited for him to be back too!

I sure love this guy!

I noticed this past week that it seems like as far as schedules, it has been pretty doable to get dinner at a normal time and the kids to bed at a normal time, jobs done, etc. and I think the reason is that without Jordan here we just don't really do anything!  Besides the set things that are on the calendar, when it's just me in charge we stick with the routines and the day-to-day things. So along with every other reason I'm happy to have Jordan back, it will be fun to have some adventures again too! :)