Thursday, May 26, 2016

Welcome to summer vacation!

Landon and Ellie finished school yesterday with a half day and now our summer vacation has officially begun! Yesterday we celebrated with a bikeride to Lee's (+ dinner at the Deli) (all after quite a bit of angst - some of our children have a hard time adjusting to a less set schedule...)
This morning we finished up morning jobs and then went to the church parking lot where the kids all rode bikes/scooters around (even Porter worked on mastering his 'new' scooter - cute kid!)

I'm still working on figuring out what our summer days will look like (or, our June days. July and August we'll just have to see what comes! :) But after such a beautiful morning, I'm thinking part of our schedule every day needs to include some great outside time like we had today.

After enough biking/scootering, we had some play time and such and made blueberry muffins, had a picnic at the roundabout, and now we've reached naptime and we'll see what else we come up with for the day (and for the summer!)

Here we go!