Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Home Again!

We were still unloading the van yesterday afternoon when Ellie ran out front to ask "Have you seen the backyard?!" She led me through the house and said to her brothers something like, "Inside it's just like oh, a regular house. But look outside and it's a Wonderful World of Springtime!"

We had a wonderful trip to London (more to come) and now we're happy to be back home to a beautiful, warm, and oh-so-green Spring!

Our first afternoon back yesterday was naps, some friend time, grocery shopping, soccer for Landon and a City Council meeting in the evening for me (and a popcorn party with Grammie for the kids).

Today the kids went back to school, I had a quick doctors appointment, and otherwise we're just slowly unpacking, sorting mail, doing laundry and enjoying a quiet day. :)