Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Being a grown up (the good & bad)

(If this is true, I have an extra patient, extra tiny little adventurous bird inside of me :)  image here

I can't remember when I realized that part of being a grown up was that I didn't have to do go on roller coasters any more, but whenever it was, I know that I loved the idea.  No more roller coasters, or zip lines or high dives or water slides, or any other of those kinds of things that I made myself do as a teenager because even more than I dreaded the adventure was the worry of being left out of the fun... But as a grown up? I could just say no! No guilt or worry, I could just choose not to do those things. How wonderful!

But, of course there would be a catch. And one that I blissfully didn't see coming at first ---

I don't have to do any of those things any more (woohoo!). But I have to let my kids do them. And I'm afraid that I think this part is even worse!

Landon's at the aquatic center today with all of his friends from school for a field trip. And I wanted so much to outlaw the steep slide. And the deeper pool. And pretty much anything besides the kiddie pool and the water playground... And all of the 'what if's' seem even more terrifying when I imagine them happening with my little boy than just me. Ugh.

I know he'll come home  grinning and just as happy as can be from a day of such fun and adventure.  But oh, it's hard to be a brave mom!