Saturday, May 28, 2016

A few little things on weights and measurements and babies

a brand new Porter baby with a yawn :)
I had a follow-up ultrasound at my doctors appointment this week (for an earlier issue, all is well :) But the doctor was a bit surprised as he started taking measurements... apparently this little guy is not going to be so little! He's already close to 7 lbs (6.75), with 6 more weeks to go!


Except for the post baby time, my weight has always been very predictable. In all of my pregnancies, no matter where I've begun I've always ended up at the same weight by the end of pregnancy. And in the last few months, I can pretty much figure how many weeks are left by how many pounds are left before that set number. With Landon, of course I always just knew exactly where I was at "18 weeks and 3 days..." but of course that keeping track has lessened with each pregnancy, till this time I'd mostly just be reminded at each of my checkups. Ellie asked me a bit ago how many more weeks till the baby would come, so we looked it up and it was 6 1/2 weeks. Sure enough, the next day when I weighed myself I had 6.5 pounds to go to that final weight of mine!  (And no, it isn't always that precise, but it was a funny coincidence! :)


All of a sudden with six weeks to go, it feels like, "There's just six weeks to go!!!" I finally called the doula who helped with Porter's delivery and I'm still waiting to see if she'll be available so last minute. I'm thinking about whether we ought to finally replace our infant car seat. Making sleeping plans. Planning easy dinners. Tucking away cookie dough and muffins into the freezer... And starting to feel a bit nervous as the countdown quickly goes on!