Wednesday, May 25, 2016

sick kids & recovering & other thoughts

For the past week & a half or so, we've had sick kids at our house. Porter started out with croup and for once I even took him in to the doctor on just the second day. They gave him some steroids for the croup and chest x-rays (no pneumonia) but it was still several more days before he had much improvement. In the meantime, Owen came down with the same thing along with croup. Then Ellie and Landon... ( thankfully, Jordan and I have stayed well!) By Sunday, all the kids were recovering mostly, but I was on my own at church while Jordan stayed home to take over care for these kiddos.

All through last week we had lots and lots of resting time. Sweet Porter and Owen would both get up to play for about 2 minutes and then quickly be back to "will you rest with me in your bed?" And Ellie and Landon both had a few pretty similar days too.

This week, they've all been better enough for back to school, play, etc. (and jobs! this is the first time I've noticed what a help the kids really are in keeping our house neat with their daily jobs!) So hooray for recovering!

However, in the last two days we've also had a major breakdown from each of the kids. And each time (you'd think I'd catch on quicker...) it has been because we were expecting them to do something that would normally be a no-big-deal thing, but in their still recovering/over-tired & worn out state, little things have quickly turned into big things.

I've been doing a lot of thinking/praying/planning about what things I can do now & later to help make life go more smoothly when our new baby comes. And something about seeing how much my kids really just needed some extra gentleness and patience was a good reminder for me. Before Porter was born, the little message that kept sticking with me again and again was this -- 'babies deserve to rock our worlds for a little while.' (And, oh that little Porter baby certainly did!) Taking care of these sick kiddos this week, and in other thoughts the last little while, it seems like I keep being reminded that to take care of myself and my family with this new little baby to come I'm going to need to remember to be a little more gentle and patient with myself too (no matter how much I may want to be the super mom who can do and be all the things...)