Tuesday, May 24, 2016

London Part 4

Friday: Relaxing/Clean up, Lost My Name, Picadilly Circus
By Friday, the kids were ready for some time to just play and relax. Jordan was going in to work for the morning, so we decided to just hang out at the flat. (And after a week with long days of adventures and late evening returns, there was a lot of tidying to be done too!)

Playing dress up -- hooray for a flat where other little boys live!

planning for how to lure the neighbor's cats back to the patio outside

After lunch we went to meet Jordan at the Lost My Name office - hooray! Jordan gave us a little tour and introduced us to some of the people he works with. And Ellie and Owen even got to help out with a little photo shoot! :)
After Ellie was finished being photographed, the designers let her take a turn as photographer :)

Lost My Name collage by Kathie

A few fun things: Their office space was a lot like some of Animoto's early office spaces -- a bit warehouse-turned-office space-ish, but lots of natural light, window panes as walls, bright couches, quirky little decorations (plus fun little stuffed animal characters from the books - super cute!), an open kitchen w/ snacks, cereal, etc. and in-the-works projects all around. Very fun. And tons of bikes at the door too, plus a group who took their lunch breaks to go running -- Jordan fits right in! 

After we finished up, we had just a short time before dinner so we decided to stop by "The Museum of Childhood" that was nearby. It was pretty cool, but very much more of a museum about childhood, than for children. (from Landon, "They had lots of cool toys and stuff but they were all in these big glass cases.") Still the kids had fun looking at the doll houses and trying out the rocking horses. 

That evening, we headed to Picadilly Circus -- and right when we got off the subway/bus (I can't remember! :) it felt very much like New York -- energetic and busy and active and bustling and productive...  (Something very fun about London was that each neighborhood had such a distinct feel to it!)

A cool light installation + fun/fancy touristy shopping spot

We stopped to grab a bubble tea smoothie for Kathie to try (a favorite Jordan discovered on a recent trip to Bonobos). Then headed to our destination - the Rainforest Cafe. Landon was in heaven to walk through the animal themed gift shop at the front of the restaurant, but we quickly made other dinner plans when we saw the prices on the menu. Across the street to Jamie Olivers and we were set. 

Just one more post to come I think :)