Tuesday, April 19, 2016

lemonade stand/Saturday working day

(and a new lost tooth!)
I'm not sure if it was when Owen was a baby or Porter, but somewhere along the way of new babies + not enough sleep, Jordan started the tradition of Saturday morning movie time. He helps the kids wake up and get situated so quietly while I get to sleep in (hooray for Jordan!) And even though it is not nearly such a desperately needed event these days, I still look forward to it every week!

The only problem has been that it is often hard for the kids to transition from too-much-screen-time to Saturday working time mode. So this week we made an extra effort to help with that transition and to get all of our Saturday jobs done cheerfully-ish. And with some help from Jordan for each of the kids when they reached their breaking down point... everyone did really great. :)

As we finished up, Landon had the lemonade ready and his plans all set for a lemonade stand. He even got out the recipe book and (with just a little help) made some delicious chocolate chip cookies  while Ellie worked hard on decorating their sign.

Cute kiddos and a happy Saturday afternoon!