Monday, October 3, 2016

May & June little things / And welcome to October :)

from Ellie "Do I look like a great summertime girl?"

It has been long enough that I already can't remember why I set a few of these pictures aside... But here's a few little things from our early summer :)

Landon was a super strong ruuner at the 4th grade district fun run - Porter and I went to cheer him on. 

I can't remember the story of this picture, but he's a cute sleeping little kiddo :)

Some garage floor kayaking 

And some real kayaking at newly discovered Cutler Marsh

And at First Dam (with some inflatable rafts too) with family

Herm's Inn birthday breakfast for Jordan with Dad & Shauna + Danielle & Amanda

Celebrating with Jen & Jeremiah on Alex's baby blessing day!

Making some bedroom improvements for all the kids (and some Ellie & Dad building time)

Treats + a poem from Landon to his great primary teachers who were moving

Adventuring on the super train bike (Jordan + 4 kids on one bike!)

Trying out our new tent in the backyard 

And welcome to our little Isaac!