Monday, October 3, 2016

Welcome Fall!

two-year-old Landon + me
Last night we had a crazy welcome to Fall rain storm. As the thunder rumbled and roared and our room flashed again and again with lightning, I thought about heading downstairs to the guest room for a safe, cozy sleepover party. (Our kids have never really gotten nervous about thunderstorms, and at bedtime I knew I really wouldn't have taken the effort to move everyone downstairs, but it still sounded nice to be even just a little bit more sheltered from the storm outside :)

On the other side of the room, Jordan was just loving the storm. As the winds blew stronger and the rain fell harder, he opened the blinds to watch the lightning flash, then opened the windows wide and leaned out, just to take it all in.

We are a funny pair! I'm so glad for all the times Jordan helps me enjoy life a little more!