Monday, October 10, 2016

The rains came down and the floods came up

A few weeks ago we had some pretty intense rain. One night Jordan was outside with a flashlight at about 11:00 cleaning out the rain gutters as the rain poured down into our window wells. Our downstairs bathroom got a little wet, but we thought that was the end of our rain troubles. But, a few days later when April stopped in to get her things after her river rafting trip, we discovered that the guest room had flooded! (With nice and squishy carpet beside the bed...) Jordan used the carpet cleaner and got about 5 gallons of water out of the carpet then pulled it back and also made some holes in the wall to dry with a bunch of fans blowing, etc. (And we discovered that this wasn't from the windows but coming up from the corner of the house...)

Then a day or two later we realized that the basement room had flooded as well. Unfortunately, this wall had two layers of dry wall and some old wood paneling in between so it trapped all the moisture inside and it all had to come down.

A few weeks ago Jordan and I started to talk about maybe jumping in and starting some of the little updating projects we've had in mind to do --  Now we definitely get to! (At least in this room for sure!)

Right now it feels kind of fun - new carpet and paint (except, carpet is much more expensive than I knew!) and maybe some bigger changes downstairs... we'll see how long our energy lasts and if we can make any decisions on how to move forward. :)