Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conference Sunday

This weekend we had our first experience watching Conference with a toddler - not quite the sit back and relax experience of the past, but oh, so fun.  Nathan came over yesterday and Drew went w/ Jordan to the Priesthood Session, then Jen and Kel came over for the afternoon session today. 

This afternoon, Jordan worked on the Turkey-Trot Training website some more, then after Conference, we all went for a walk around our neighborhood to show Jen and Kel the new school they just built a few blocks away. Landon was in rock-heaven walking around the unfinished grounds of the school!

 Later, we went for a short little hike up Rock Canyon to enjoy the beautiful, beautiful day some more just before the sun was going down. So many colors right now - with the great rocks, the green, red, yellow, orange, purple leaves, crisp blue sky - so wonderful. And little Landon had a blast picking up rocks, pulling at weeds and running as fast as his feet could carry him down the hill - with Jordan running along side him and saving him from falls all along the way. :) 

Put Landon down to bed after dinner and our fist family prayer and scripture study (trying Portuguese again...) - and oh, how sweet it is to put him down. Since he is in his new bed, I have to sit beside him until he goes to sleep or he will get up and play. Even though it takes a lot more time now, it is such a sweet time and I have put off trying to train him to go to sleep by himself because it is so precious to sit there with him as he drifts off to sleep.  

Now, Jordan is working on the dishes because - so sad!! - our dishwasher broke last night! We are definitely hoping that is a fixable and not super costly repair because neither of us are so into doing dishes. 

A lovely day!