Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Snowy Work Day

 Today was the first snowfall of the year! It was super stormy all through the day, raining a bit, hailing a bit, slushing and sleeting a bit, and then snowing! We'd gone out to dinner to Village Inn with Nathan after a long day's work and Jordan and Nathan took Landon outside to experience the snow first hand. :)

Our new neighbor stopped by today and said "I've got a few hours, do you want to take down your tree?" So, of course, Jordan agreed and we spent the afternoon filling our back yard with pine branches! It was pretty fun, though scary, to watch our neighbor so high up in the tree as he chopped it down branch by branch. Their three-year-old came over for a little while and played up in the play house with Landon. Both of the boys had a blast climbing over the carpet roll and over the table and stools and such.  Our back yard seems like such a different place now without that huge tree there. It's nice and open, but maybe just a little too open for right now. We're looking forward to planting a fun tree in to take the place of this one. And, once we get all of the mess cleaned up, hooray for no more pine needles from that tree! Though, it does seem just a little sad to think that there was a perfectly good pine tree, just growing and growing away as hard as it could - and suddenly chopped down! Hmmm...

We went to a fun Elders Quorum Activity game night last night. Landon had a good time playing with balls and climbing up on all of the chairs and tables. We had fun talking to people in the ward and Jordan even found somebody who was eager to play Carcassone!

That's all for now.