Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday, Monday

Another beautiful day - 
Spent a lot of time outside in the backyard raking up pine needles and letting Landon run around. He had fun playing with the lid of the green bin, as if it were a movable tunnel or fort or something. Those pine needles seem to be an endless job though! We hope sometime we can take out the biggest tree in the middle and plant something more fun like a cherry tree, or a walnut tree for Jordan. 
Went for a fun walk downtown with Jordan at lunch - we stopped at the new Provo Arts Center and asked about what they have going on - had a 'sneak peak' at the perfomance hall even. :)
Had a piano lesson with Emma - and thankfully got Landon to nap through the whole thing. Emma is fun to teach because she is so excited to learn and is really good at practicing - the only thing is trying to end piano lessons because she would stay and play all afternoon if she could.
Made pumpkin casserole for dinner tonight in celebration of the beautiful fall we are enjoying, went on a short bike ride/run and took Landon to the park - such fun! Oh, what a precious boy! And, lastly, had Family Home Evening together. 
Now, I'm going to go get Jordan to come and help me with our storage room. I took everything out to get to our winter clothes, and our room has looked like a tornado struck for the past few days. Time to get things cleaned up!