Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday, October 9th

We went for a drive up Provo Canyon tonight to see the fall leaves. We'd tried to go several times before and it turned out that it was a little late because many of the trees had lost their leaves or were already brown. But, it was still lovely with lots of golden leaves and striking evergreen trees. 

We are trying to figure out how to teach Landon not to scream for whatever he wants. So far, our best option (next to squirting him with water each time he screams) seems to be teaching him to say please or sign please. So, we've been working at that, but with no success yet - hopefully soon! 

Jordan suprised me with Tuesday flowers today. Beautiful, happy, yellow daisies. 

I had set Landon into his car bed this afternoon for a nap, when I realized that I left his bink downstairs. I ran down to get it and came back to find Landon sitting, happily, on top of his changing table looking at a book I had left there!

Nathan's coming over in a few minutes to work with Jordan on a homework lab, so now I'm off to find some fun! :)