Friday, October 26, 2007

Well,  I'm blogging while Jordan does his Turkey Trot strength work out.  So far, he's got 20 super tough leg lifts and 10 pushups. Now he's cooling off doing crunches in the open doorway.

Tonight, I was reminded that I have more to learn to be a perfect mom. 

We went to the Leopard release celebration at BYU with Drew and Nathan.  It was pretty silly and fun - they had all sorts of little drawings and games and we even won 2 stuffed Leopards for Landon, though we didn't leave with a free (or purchased) Operating System. 

Landon, of course, was pretty wild during the whole thing. People everywhere, 2 flights of stairs to race up and down, all you can eat cookies and apple juice... he was a happy, energetic, wild boy! 

Unfortunately, when it came time to go, our bike trailer had a flat, so Jordan had to ride home to get the car and come back for Landon and me. This is where my mom-ness wore out. Landon was totally wired, had already thrown up cookies twice, and was running and climbing as fast as he could. After about 30 minutes of this (Jordan had some trouble with the car alarm once he got home...), I ended up in the HFAC basement where I had no reception so Jordan couldn't call to tell me he was there to get us. I finally made it up out of the basement, completely exhausted from guiding, manuevering, and carrying the kicking/fighting Landon to get where we needed to go. So when I finally talked to Jordan, though he was back and minutes away, I was in tears and exhausted!!

But, of course, Jordan took over and got us all home safe and sound and even got Nathan to come and stay here with Landon after I put him to bed. Then, Jordan took me out for a nice relaxing Los Hermanos treat. Now, we're home and our little one is sweetly sleeping - so easy to forget when I see him sleeping so sweetly of what a wild little one he can be!

So, that was the crazy Friday night!!!

But, as for sleep...
We are trying out a new sleeping technique for Landon: we moved him back to his car bed, and every time he gets out of bed, we just quietly put him back to bed. So, the first night, we did this 42 times throughout the night between 10:45 and 5:30. But, last night --- just twice! Could it really be that easy? 14 months of sleeplessness and could it really be that one of these nights we will sleep, sleep, sleep??? :)

Jordan and I have been learning about Pakistan. Our ward has a new enrichment group that studies and researches a new topic each month, and this month is Pakistan. I've never learned or known much at all about the middle east, so it has been really interesting and fun. I watched Gandhi for the first time and we've been reading a book together... I often miss school and the constant learning, but it seems hard to study in that school-way when you are not a student. So, this has been a lot of fun for me. 

This week, Landon went over to my piano students' house during my lessons. He loves playing with them, and it's super nice for  me not to have to plan things just perfectly to try and get him napping during that time. 

We celebrated our Anniversary this week with a simple celebration. We had a fun lunch together at Brick Oven, went and saw a movie, and had a fun homemade lasagna dinner. Nice and simple, and wonderful to celebrate our happy life together.