Sunday, November 22, 2009

10 Months

Up, up and away with our beautiful Ellie! :)

Ellie loves to be up -- climbing up the stairs in her mischievious little game, up in our arms or in the backpack with Jordan, up standing or walking along the furniture -- up! And she's getting pretty quick with her crawling and very quickly comes to find us if Jordan or I leave the room.

She is loving some new foods -- especially graham crackers (leaving home without these has become an emergency at times), baby-made spaghetti, and cereal.

She's talking and playing around with all sorts of sounds these days, lately a lot of "diggadiggas"

She still loves to cuddle, for quick moments at a time, then she's got to get back to looking all around and taking in what she sees.

She's learning to vocalize and point to what she wants and is getting some definite preferences. And, she's learning to say please in sign language (we learned with Landon that this was worth teaching to avoid the initial scream-for-what-you-want technique. :)

She's playing with Landon and loves to chase him around or be chased (as long as she knows she is safe.)

We love sweet Ellie!

(Lots of cute pics :)