Monday, November 30, 2009

Farewell to the old Landon and Just a few things I want to remember

Since Landon's talking days, he has been "Yandon". Lately he's been practicing and learning to say his 'L' sounds better ("La la la Landon"). It's great to seem him learning, but I'm afraid I will miss my own little 'yandon'.
(And a side note -- Yellow is a tricky word for practicing the L's -- what was once "yeh-yo" is now "Leh-lo" :)

Landon's been sleeping in the munchkin room since we've had Ellie in his room learning to sleep through the night. We thought he was just about dozing off tonight when he came to the top of the stairs with a great tinker-toy creation, proudly saying something like "Look at this cool thing I made!" (So proud that he forgot he was about to be in trouble for coming out of his room...) We had to turn around to keep from laughing then sternly tell him to go back to bed, "But I was just having to make this cool thing..."

A bit later when we heard the sound of tinker toys again, Jordan went up to check on him again. When he walked in Landon told him, "I'm just cleaning these up. Then, if we want to play with them later, we can!"

We've been learning lately that he really is listening to us --


Landon just discovered clementines and is in love. :) A few days ago, we were eating some we had this conversation about his new favorite fruit,

Landon: How does it feel? er... How does it feel you?
Me: Do you mean how does it taste? It tastes great.
Landon: Er...How does it feel? Does it feel you with joy?

(Upon later questioning, I found that Landon really was listening to his scripture stories - when I asked where he'd heard 'fill you with joy' he answered from Lehi, about the fruit from the tree.


Yesterday we were riding home from a bikeride to the library and were all bundled up. Landon suddenly said (with vigor!) "Moroni ripped a piece of his coat for the flag, but I'm not!" (Apparently he was concerned for his new winter coat's safety... :)


We were singing the "When I am baptized' song a few days ago (part of the lines are "I know when I am baptized, my wrongs are washed away...) After a minute, Landon said, "I don't want my wrongs washed away!" then, getting teary eyed, he added "I want to live at our home!" (I'm not sure where this came from...)

Tonight, when we sang it at bedtime, he was thoughtful afterwards and asked, "After we get baptized, do we get to come back to our own home?" When I told him we did, he answered happily, "Oh! I didn't know that!"


Jordan calls Landon our 'Valiant defender of truth and right'. A while ago, Landon heard from a movie something like "I'm going to kill him!' and not understanding it's meaning, started repeating that when he was playing pretend with his animals and such. That didn't seem the greatest, so I'd told him that he should say something like "I'll get you" instead.

Yesterday, my mom and sisters were talking about something ( I think football accidents?) and suddenly Landon was on his feet and sharply reprimanding them "We don't say kill!" He really is a valiant little guy in speaking out for what he knows is right!