Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Can we do all those fun things again tomorrow?"

Yesterday, after some very rough days with Landon, my whole focus was to make it a happy day for all of us. When I put Landon to bed, we talked about all the good things of the day. A bit later he came out to the top of the stairs to ask something, then said, "And Mommy, can we do all those fun things again tomorrow?" What a nice ending to a day made sweet through some really hard work.

Here are some of the fun things we did --

Made "3" pancakes (funny side story: as Landon ate his 3-shape pancakes, he'd take a bite then ask "What does it look like now?" he eventually got down to one little piece that he was trying to get me to guess with the hint "Like on our camping trip..." then by acting out it's motion on the table -- Landon turned his 3 pancake into a lovely banana slug. :)

Did puzzles 'lots of times!' and even a few times with our toes, by Landon's request.

Read stories in the munchkin room

Recorded some little videos

Went for a walk and scooter ride to the church on Jordan's lunch break, then stopped on the way home to lay in the grass and look at the clouds and tell poems and songs (again, all by Landon's request)

'Played and played and played' - w/ trains, giraffes, animals...

Watched Clifford

Made up songs and rymes about Landon's animals

Did lots of jobs

Had a dance party to the Mac song and a few others

Played with Ellie on the stairs

Had some quiet 'sleeping time' on the couches

Went to the running track

Had a yum Rumbi Island dinner at home

Watched a Mickey Mouse Christmas movie

Made a family of aluminum foil people

And mostly, I tried so hard to be ever patient and kind and help Landon be sweet and kind too.