Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twenty Five...

...for just a few more days!

Some somewhat jumbled thoughts on being 25 --

Landon asked me a few months ago how old I was and without thinking, I answered "Twenty-one er... uh... twenty-five" It seems like in my mind I still haven't gone past that 21 mark in age. :)


At the same time, I've been realizing that I really am not 21 anymore! Because of the demographics in our ward-- Jordan's realized that there is only one guy in Elders Quorum that has been in the ward longer than us-- I've really started to feel a little old as I watch all of the 20-21 year old newlyweds moving in and see that they really do seem much younger than us.


Growing up, I was always the youngest in my grade at school and being a bit competitive or something, I had a pretty strong complex of needing to show everyone I was just as smart and good at everything than everyone else a year older, and I was always proud of being the youngest one to do such and such... For example -->

At 10, when we got to work at our own pace in math, I finished up the 5th and 6th grade math books and started on pre-algebra --so proud to be the youngest and the furthest ahead...

Then at 15, I filled my schedule with all the college prep classes - English, Physiology and Anatomy, Calculus, French, History, plus Choir, Sewing and Seminary along with all of the other school clubs, travels, and high school fun with friends and all... and I can remember distinctly feeling like I should be doing more.

By 20, I was scheduling out my days by every 15 minutes in order to fit everything in to my whirlwind life as I started teaching Junior High full time w/ 7 different preps, continued at BYU as a full time student in order to keep my scholarships, started dating Jordan, was engaged and married!

Now, at 25 -- I'm suddenly average. Married, two kids, stay-at-home-mom. That feels a bit strange, but I can't imagine being in any other situation than living this happy, average life. :)


And just one more funny thought on being 25 -

I was telling Landon about my upcoming birthday and how I would be turning 26. He is determined that this year my birthday not mean 'one year older and wiser too.' As he says,

"But Mommy, I don't want you to be 26! I want you to be 25 forever!!"